Unlocking the Opportunities of the Irvine Public School Foundation

The Irvine Public School Foundation (IPSF) is a non-profit organization that has been providing students in the Irvine Unified School District with enriching educational experiences for more than seven years. Through its ACE program, IPSF offers elementary and middle school students the chance to take part in both fun and academic classes while staying in their school environment. In addition, IPSF is a proud supporter of mental health initiatives across the district. To this end, IPSF was honored to found the initiative and partnered with the Angels Baseball Foundation to organize the seventh edition of the annual Aces & edition.

IPSF also provides Irvine Unified School District teachers, staff, and students with opportunities to find their passion and purpose. This year, IPSF celebrates its 25th anniversary of supporting every child's educational experience in every school. To commemorate this milestone, IPSF joined forces with the Irvine Unified Council PTA (IUCPTA) to organize the Spirit of C event. Moreover, IPSF has been chosen as one of only 34 small satellites in the country taking part in NASA's CubeSat STEM program.

This program has successfully launched two CubeSats built by high school students in California and the West. On Sunday, October 16th, IPSF also organized the 36th annual edition in collaboration with SOCAL-Elite Sports. The Resort at Peli hosted IPSF's fifth annual Top 100 reception on Tuesday, February 6th. This event was a great success and provided an opportunity for students to explore their potential and discover new possibilities.

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