The Irvine Public Schools Foundation: Working Towards Educational Excellence

The mission of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) is to enrich the educational experience of every child in every school. Our goal is to provide programs, raise funds, and unite the community in support of educational excellence. We strive to be a resource for other communities and school districts in their pursuit of educational excellence. The IPSF is currently looking for a successful candidate to monitor and instruct students in enrichment activities for a new pilot program, the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP).

This program is part of the Irvine Unified School District's initiative to provide students with more opportunities for learning and growth. We are also committed to expanding our funding for essential programs such as teaching music to all children, STEAM initiatives, extracurricular and summer programs, grants to teachers for innovative teaching methods, and funding for sports coaches and school nurses. Each year, the IPSF provides teachers, staff, and students of the Irvine Unified School District with scholarships to recognize their leadership qualities. The IPSF also hosts events such as the fifth annual Top 100 reception and OC STEAM Fest. The fifth annual Top 100 reception was held on Tuesday, February 6th at The Resort at Peli. OC STEAM Fest was held on Saturday, April 28th and brought together more than 5,000 community members.

These events are designed to increase access to enrichment opportunities on the school campus right after school and on certain non-school days. The Scaling Up MTSS Statewide (SUMS) initiative is another goal of the IPSF. This initiative is designed to develop resources for Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) within an LEA that aligns the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional supports of an LEA in order to serve the whole child. For more than seven years, the Irvine Public School Foundation (IPSF) has been working hard to fulfill its vision of providing first-rate education for all children and ensuring that public schools have the resources necessary to nurture and develop their students' potential. Each year, IPSF offers teachers and staff the opportunity to apply for innovative grants.

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